Our mission is to transform business with alignment, purpose, and energy.

We offer a new approach. By prioritizing the needs and shared values of teams and customers, organizations can create an empowered platform for growth.

What We Offer

We have a different value proposition…

The workplace that is truly Heroik allows the value and connection with its people to guide its process, evolution and growth.

Conventional Wisdom

  • Great culture is a luxury and result of high performance and long term success
  • Get more out of people
  • Build competency
  • Manage time
  • Leadership is about ruling your team
  • Downtime is wasted time
  • Willpower and discipline are the key to lasting change

Our Wisdom

  • Great culture is a necessity and driver of high performance and long term success
  • Build authentic work environments
  • Create opportunity through innovation
  • Manage TEA (time, energy and attention)
  • Leadership is about serving your team
  • Downtime is productive time
  • Building empowering habits and rituals are the key to lasting change

Our Team

We’re passionate about sharing the insights, values and cultures that have enriched our lives and fueled our growth. We collaborate across multiple industries and disciplines to refine our culture, insights, tools and solutions.

Nicholas McGill

Founder, Sr. Experience Designer

Bonnie Kelly

Emotional Intelligence Expert

Mike Penfield

Project Manager, Sr. Advisor HIL

Joseph Rohde

Director of Global Business Development, Sr. Advisor - HIL

Peter Curtis

Consultant, Sr. Advisor HIL

John Schultheiss

Sr. Technology Advisor, Sr. Advisor - HIL

David Burges

Leadership & Fitness Advisor

Taylor Montague

Team Building & Logistics

Sue Marshall

Sr. Advisor HIL

Chris Schipper

Sr. Technology Advisor, Sr. Advisor - HIL

Sean Sohal

Developer, Advisor - HIL

Paul Sohal

Sr. Programmer, Collaborator HIL


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