We help organizations build better policies, practices, communities and growth engines, tailored to their gifts, abilities and culture.


Using our Heroik methodologies, we apply discerning assessment of brand, business, technology, culture and teams.

A Thorough Evaluation of the Org

We apply our interdisciplinary skills to evaluate customer and employee engagement points, and measure the quality and flow of information across the organization.


We introduce new insights and implement transformative technologies that further differentiate Heroik brands from the competition.

Make Changes That Build Momentum

We re-align company values, mission, purpose, and strategic goals as we co-design an action plan for growth. We put an iterative plan to work, making adjustments and elevating performance.


We help incorporate new knowledge and tools throughout the organization while looking for opportunities to make deeper connections.

Apply What You've Learned

New insights often that deeper implications that can further elevate, connect and grow the company. We help teams translate and expand upon the work; so they take it and run with it.

Where do you want to grow today?

We offer a better way of working, that addresses the strategic alignment of your brand, mission and culture to drive high performance.

Develop a World Class Brand

Create an identity worth bragging about; that resonates with your team and your customers. Show the ever unfolding story of your values in action. Add to the depth of your character and fly your flag high.

Build High Performance Culture

Get the most from your team by giving the most to them. Develop the skills, rituals, habits, process, and policies to better serve your team, your customers, and lead your company.

Refine Your Growth Strategy

Revisit your vision and path to growth, create and refine goals that are aligned with your brand, customers, and business objectives. Create a plan that leverages the unique attributes of your team to make it happen.

Manage Your Time, Energy & Attention (TEA)

Learn the new metrics of high performance and the tools and techniques leading organizations are using to manage time, energy and attention. Where are you pouring your TEA?

Design Amazing, Human-Centric Experiences

Create remarkable experiences that embody the spirit of your brand; that captivate and connect you with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Create & Manage Content & Presence

Strategically develop, high-quality content and commercial insights that resonate with your market. Draw your audience into environments where you can earn their focused attention.

We work with you to redefine your brand, culture and business by:

Rediscovering and bringing focus to the values that originally motivated and supercharged you and your team. We blend these with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual values from top, high performance teams to drive greater impact in your organization.

Exploring and uncovering new values you never knew you had that inspire your team and strongly resonate with your customers. This rejuvenation will reconnect them to the inspired beliefs of the brand and excitement to show up and do the job well.

Reinvigorating teams and encouraging camaraderie by elevating shared values, mutual aspirations, and a common cause for growth, excellence, and abundance.

Reminding your tribe that you are there to lead by example, giving you tools to show that you are in service to your team; supportive with a coaching attitude.

Showing your partners, customers and audience the integrity you uphold in your beliefs, by making sure that these beliefs are present and felt throughout the business model, by design, with intention and conviction, from thought to profit.

Equipping teams with mindful technology, teaching you to think in terms of neuroscience, business therapy, and high tech geekery to connect with your audience. Part scientific, part therapeutic, part tech geek, and 100 percent, unapologetically creative. That’s us. And we have plenty of tools and superpowers to share with you so you can bring them into your Heroik organization.


We help individuals understand the value of their time, energy and attention management behaviors, and introduce them to a systematic set of strategies and practices to increase their capabilities. We help leaders to mobilize new insights and management styles, focusing energy and attention, inspiring new ideas, encouraging mindful practice and regularly elevating those they lead.


We train individuals how to manage themselves in 3 dimensions, being mindful of where they pour their TEA (Time, Energy, and Attention) and ensure they recharge their batteries in terms of their physical, mental and emotional needs, increasing their resilience and capacity for greater challenges, while strengthening their sense of purpose within the organization.

A Thorough Evaluation of the Org

We apply our interdisciplinary skills to evaluate customer and employee engagement points, and measure quality and the flow of information across the organization.

Heroik Leadership

Leaders have a dramatic impact on the performance of those they lead and must embody the culture and carry the flag as an exemplar and champion of its values. Leaders also have a great responsibility to know how to manage the team in 3 dimensions of TEA (Time, Energy and Attention). Our leadership program is an intensive one-day workshop, following our core Heroik curriculum.

Empowering By Example

Heroik Leadership is about creating an empowering environment of deep alignment, motivating your team to get stuff done, driving performance by showing your team deep regard, alignment, and trust, and coming together to build ideas from thought to profit. In this program, leaders learn how to equip their team with the skills and capacities to optimize performance, push when needed and re-energize the group to bring them back up to full capacity.

Training the Trainers

We offer custom certifications and dedicated events for trainers at single organizations. We create an intimate learning environment that focuses on teaching how to deliver content and facilitate some of our growth processes personalized in alignment with the unique culture of the organization.

Spread The Word

There’s a difference between knowing the path and teaching the path. In order to spread the word you need to know how to communicate, inform and appropriately challenge your teams to get them to engage with the content.


In our keynotes, we introduce audiences to a set of Heroik principles and management techniques that opens their eyes to a new way of working and forever changes their perspectives, on and off the job.

Our 3 Most Popular Talks

Selling With Heroik Purpose

How to Drive Revenue, Challenge the Customer And Feel Awesome

A Whole Hearted High Performance Approach to Sales

Drawing from studies of top performing sales organizations, our Heroik speakers reveal why the salespeople who sell with Heroik Purpose, those who can authentically discern how their product /service advances the customer's true goals, and challenge them with commercial insights, outsell others.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Understand what a Heroik Sales Purpose is, and how an HSP spells the difference between high performers and the rest of the herd.
  • Identify how to use HSP to engage customers and offer more value.
  • Learn techniques to reframe your sales narrative, and leverage your brand and company culture to build deeper connections with customers and prospects.
  • Discover how to avoid the fatal mistake that sabotages 90% of sales leaders.
  • Master  a powerful mental technique to reset yourself for high stakes selling environments.
  • Leave with concrete strategies for connecting with a greater sense of purpose into your work and life

Formats: keynote speech, virtual keynote, 2 hour, half-day or full day workshop.

The Heroik Power of Headlines

Formats: 2 hr interactive presentation, half day workshop, full day workshop

heroik headlines

In this interactive talk / workshop,

You’ll learn about Heroik’s lean approach to effective content strategy, with an emphasis on article and blog content. Based on the best selling book, the presentation will be focused on creating captivating headlines and the various tactics to form them and honor the promise they set by delivering quality content.

Whether you’re just getting started with your commercial content efforts or looking to optimize your efforts to increase traffic, eyeballs and conversion, this talk is designed to increase and improve your content capabilities.

Unlock the Heroik Power of Headlines, and learn what makes captivating content from the headline to the imagery and beyond. Get introduced to the most effective tools, tactics, to develop better headlines, create captivating content, imagery and more.
By attending this program, you will:

  • Learn that one thing, that one precise linchpin that can help great brands grow and engage their audience, prospects and customers.
  • Understand the power of a Heroik brand narrative and how to use it to create an iterative, multi-channel marketing strategy.
  • Master headline techniques to guide prospects to content and commercial teachings that engage and inspire them.

Leading With a Heroik Purpose

How to Use Heroik Purpose to Empower your team, Build Deep Culture, Align Your Brand, and Do Epic Work That Resonates With the World.

Discover What it Takes to Become a Heroik Leader

This session is for senior leaders who want to improve morale, increase focus, and create a culture of high performance.

By attending this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why purpose-driven companies outperform the market by over 240%.
  • What to do when your organization has lost its sense of purpose, or when the culture feels shallow.
  • How a Heroik Purpose can make you a better and happier leader.
  • Concrete strategies for solving problems during times of transformation and growth.

Formats: keynote speech, virtual keynote, half-day workshop


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